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Real 911 Truth

The real 911 Truth that everyone can be sure of is that "No-Big Boeings" crashed on 9/11/01 at the WTC or the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania (see below).

The number of and specifics of the inconsistencies in the "official story" of 9/11/01 is so large, only people fearful of learning and confronting the real 911 truth will refuse to read this.

The real 911 Truth is that Flights AA11 (supposedly hit WTC) and AA77 (supposedly hit Pentagon) never existed. Every aircraft scheduled for flight must by law be listed in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) database, but those two flights are not in it for the date of 9/11/01 (Source). Also, the supposed aircraft were only delisted from the "in use" records by American Airlines in January 2002, more than four months later, although by law it is required to remove them from the "in active use" list within 24 hours of a fatal crash that results in that airplane never being able to fly again.

The real 911 Truth is that United Airlines still used its 2 planes that were supposedly involved in the terror crimes for far longer, 3 years longer, actually, when they removed them from service in January 2005. It has been reported that a date-stamped photo of one of those planes that was taken more recently than 9/11/01 disappeared mysteriously and quickly after being posted on the internet (Source); I have not personally seen that photo, but in this video a pilot proves one of the planes to be in service more recently than 9/11/01.

[ Even for those who insist on believing the lie that all 4 planes existed and crashed as told in the official story, the false data provided by the government in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests shows contradictions to the official story, one of the very large number of which is from which gate the supposed AA77 supposedly departed ( and another of which shows that the real 911 Truth is that "AA77" could not have been an American Airlines 757 ( ].

Of course, far easier to say it never existed, based on the BTS database, and the data supplied by the government in response to the FOIA requests is completely made up data, or it could be data for a US military plane with a similar appearance to a white 757 that detonated an explosion inside the Pentagon at about 937AM EST on 9/11/01. (Source: Citizen Investigation Team and The PentaCon here, here and here).

** The statistical probability of through random chance the exact 8 floors occupied by Marsh & McLnan LLC, which had direct ties to the Bush family and many others at the highest levels of government, being those hit in any strike of 8 floors out of 110 are incredibly low. There is no such thing as coincidence, and that also applies to the "fire-proofing" of the towers in the weeks leading up to 9/11; the weekend closures at the site for a year or more previous, that were done as part of the preparations; and the power blackout in the 48 hours preceding the terror crimes [CK NEW LINK]. The real 911 Truth is that no airplane hit those floors, and a massive explosion took place there that was intentionally detonated at 846AM that morning by the human 'masterminds' behind this fully evil plot, combined with "TV Fakery" (Source) that can be seen for its lies when studied in-depth by anyone (Source).

Important examples of the fake, staged videos fed to and circulated by the news media that is controlled by and complicit with the guilty parties:

a) "Nosed out": It is physically impossible for the fiberglass nose cone of a Boeing 767-300 to penetrate the concrete and steel of the WTC and emerge intact through the opposite side of the building, therefore the following video shown on and since 9/11/01 is fake, it is impossible for this (or any) video to be showing the crash of United 175 into the WTC:

b) In the following fake, staged video, most of the wing of the airplane in the video suddenly disappears soon before the supposed crash, because it is a fake airplane inserted into the video, not flight 175:

The real 911 Truth is that United flight 175 has been proven to be a computer-generated image (CGI), and is therefore accurately referred to as "Cartoon 175" (Source).

[2012 update: The version or possibility saying that at 903AM a US military 737 painted to resemble a (much larger) United Airlines 767 was crashed so that a physical crash for sure occurred, even if that is what happened that's not a hijacked 767 or innocent passengers, and also neither a 767 and therefore for sure not a smaller 737 would be able to cause the WTC to collapse. Of course, it didn't collapse at all and certainly not because of any airplane[s], the WTC was intentionally destroyed in a controlled demolition, but was set up and staged in such a way as to attempt to convince the public through the lies of the official story, that planes hijacked by terrorists were responsible for bringing down the towers, not their own government.]

As George Nelson says, the real 911 Truth is that it's "Impossible to Prove a
Falsehood True" ( Last entry on page).

The real 911 Truth is that for extended periods of time all four of the supposed
aircraft had their transponders off, which would be necessary to conduct plane swaps: meaning, that the flight started off as one aircraft, who in flight switched off the transponder, then later a second aircraft turns on their own transponder which had been off and broadcasts the same code that the first aircraft had been broadcasting before turning the transponder off.

The real 911 Truth is that the hole in the ground in Shanksville, PA where the official story says Flight 93 crashed, is not big enough to be, in fact not anywhere close to being, the size of a Boeing 757 and equally as important is that the hole has been proven to have existed in the government's own United States Geological Survey (USGS) photos since at least 1994  (Source).

There actually is a claim in the official story that the black boxes of Flight 93 were found, but those lies supported by photo staging were thoroughly exposed and decimated based on in depth research found here (text) and here (video).

The following video 100% proves that at least according to FAA data, the real 911 Truth is that Flight 175 was flying in the air northeast of Manhattan, New York after 903AM: FULL 100% PROOF HERE, SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO!

Of course you are smart enough to see right through the lies that the disinformation crew want you to believe. That video for sure does NOT show the "last radar return" of the supposed Flight 175, because it says the plane is at 31,000 feet. So for those saying it's the last radar data before the crash, they have zero to stand on. A 767 cannot descend from 31,000 feet to the level of the WTC (below 2,000 feet) in less than 12 seconds, and radar are updated every 12 seconds. That video shows that Flight 175 was still flying after 903AM, at an altitude of 31,000 feet, going in a North-easterly direction away from the WTC after never having crashed into it.

[2012 update: A text message system known as ACARS and used by commercial aircraft, is yet another nail in the coffin of the bogus official story, because the real 911 Truth is that ACARS messages were sent to and received by the supposed Flight 175 AFTER (LATER THAN) 903AM, the time it supposedly crashed. Furthermore, these messages, which get routed to the aircraft via the nearest ground stations, were routed through stations in central and western Pennsylvania, far away from the WTC (see ACARS-CONFIRMED-911-AIRCRAFT-AIRBORNE-LONG-AFTER-CRASH and MORE-ACARS-CONFIRMATION)]

The real 911 Truth is that for those who insist the supposed planes are real, flight 93 and flight 11 and flight 175 still flew after their alleged crash times as stated in the "official story", radar data released in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests proves that they still flew after the alleged crash times, so how is the "official story" possible?

The answer is, it's not physically possible, therefore, there really were no crashes

One of the most important questions everyone needs to ask is, in the case of all 4 of the supposed aircraft, how often does the whole thing, the entire airplane, disintegrate with zero or hardly any parts left? That's never, ever happened in the history of commercial jet aviation, yet the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror crimes and lies want everyone to believe that is what happened.

Look at the reports of literally hundreds of jet crashes before and since 9/11/01 and for virtually the entire aircraft to disintegrate is unheard of, but that is what the official story proclaims happened -- supposedly 4 times on that same morning! At the Pentagon, the fire was extinguished in 7 or 8 minutes, how that is enough time to disintegrate a 757 that cannot possibly fit into a 16 or even 19 foot wide hole, with no holes where the engines are located, and a 100% clean lawn except where the fire truck tires drove, are some of the very many proofs of the real 911 Truth that proves why the official story is physically impossible.

The real 911 Truth is that witnesses who worked in the Pentagon and ran to escape the fire reported smelling explosives, not jet fuel. It was an explosive device detonated inside the pentagon at 937AM that morning, not a crash of an aircraft into the pentagon, TV reporters on the scene minutes later confirmed this saying they did not see any aircraft parts or human remains there.

Also, can someone please explain why if there is nothing to hide, all government and private citizen videos that government employees witnessed being filmed outside of the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11/01 were seized and confiscated and never returned or made public (Source).

The real 911 Truth is that on 9/11/01 it was not possible to make a cell phone call from any of the 4 supposed aircraft, because the call would not stay connected to the cell tower receivers for more than literally one second (if it even somehow got connected at all) at the speeds and altitudes the supposed planes were at according to government supplied data, when the supposed impossible-to-have-been-made calls were supposedly made

The real 911 Truth is that there was a flight DL 1989 (and also another flight DL 89, note of course the similarity in numbers) that was thought briefly to have been hijacked by terrorists, even though the pilot insisted that had not happened. After the order for all planes to land was given it landed at Cleveland Hopkins at 10:10AM, still thought to be a hijacking. The flight 89 has been speculated to be part of the military training exercises {"Vigilant Guardian", etc.} being conducted that day, also thought to be used to confuse air traffic controllers as to which plane they were talking about and its true status (Source) and (Source). DL 1989 also had the much more important role of providing an easy way to merge two stories into one, which is the landing of another plane, the military exercise code name Delta 89, or more probably United 93, at Cleveland-Hopkins at 1045AM that morning.

The real 911 Truth is that a US military plane called the E4B, which is a specially remodeled 747 of which only 4 exist and one of those is the president's plane "Airforce 1", was photographed near the White House a few minutes after the 937AM explosion at the Pentagon (Source). describes a study (downloadable at this link) that proves that the real 911 Truth is that there were 2 different planes called "Flight 93", one being tracked by United Airlines UAL, and one being tracked by the FAA, see "Plane swap over PA", and a similar scenario is likely to have occurred with AA77 if it ever even flew in the first place (Source). Flight 175 was at least 2 different 767s out of Boston that took off 9-10 minutes apart (Source here!), and could even have been 3 different planes, none of which crashed into the WTC (Source).

The real 911 Truth is that the entire terror crimes committed by the leadership on 9/11/01 could not have been carried out as successfully as they were in placing shock and fear into the public without the total complicity and extensive direct participation by the news media. All TV channels both network and cable were broadcasting exactly the same images, the fake videos (Source). A silver (American Airlines) or white (United Airlines in 2001) airplane would not under any circumstances appear as black, grey or shadow at 840something AM or a few minutes after 9AM on a bright, sunny late summer morning, but that is what the supposed plane appears as in the fake videos (I observed this on my own, as tens of thousands if not millions of others must have also, and found a Source which also makes that same observation).  The lies of Shawn Murtaugh, CNN executive, on the morning of 9/11/01 (Source).

The real 911 Truth is that the 47 story "Building 7" at the WTC complex, which also contained many sensitive government offices, was also brought down, straight down, by a controlled demolition; after all, no supposed aircraft, missile(s) or bombs hit it (until the controlled demolition was set off, of course). Slow motion video 100% proves WTC Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition, the detonation charges can be seen exploding in the corner of the floors at the top corner of the building, and the owner/operator of the WTC 100% admitted in a live TV interview that WTC 7 was brought down on 9/11/01 intentionally by a controlled demolition (Source). It is widely established fact that European TV stations reported the collapse of Building 7 before the time it actually happened.

What happened to the passengers on the supposed aircrafts? For 2 of them there were no planes for sure; UA 175 & 93 [co-pilot not the same guy in photo (Source)] landed at CLE Cleveland-Hopkins, and the two most likely possibilities are that if there ever were any real "passengers" they were either: A) placed into the witness protection program, or B) killed. [2012 update: The witness protection program possibility seems extremely unlikely. Most likely is that there never were any passengers or that if there were, they were killed at a government facility adjacent to Cleveland-Hopkins. After all, there was no hesitation whatsoever on the part of Bush and Cheney to kill innocent civilians in the 9/11/2001 WTC controlled demolition terror crimes, so if there ever were any real passengers, why would they hesitate to have them killed by the hand of the government also].

It has been demonstrated that entering the search phrase "911 passenger compensation" into a search engine (without quotes) shows that hardly any of the "passengers" families accepted the government compensation, and less than 25% of the people on the supposed "passenger lists" are in the Social Security Death Index, meaning they are not dead ("DANDPT" userID, posted 3/23/2011,1205PM:

Another interesting detail further proving false the official story, is that the real 911 truth is that the WTC controlled demolitions on 9/11/01 turned concrete into very fine dust, but paper survived, while the demolition spontaneously combusted cars nearby (Source); (Video source).



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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please, Don't Believe The Lies (bin laden), Don't Believe The Hype (bin laden)

Last week and still now, so many people celebrated the death of bin laden, who died of AIDS in 2002 [or some say, sometime between 2002 and 2007].

Please!, no one has seen, or will ever see, the body of bin laden or pictures of it. Something that's impossible to prove will never be proven.

In considering the utterly ridiculous statements and claims about the raid that supposedly resulted in his killing, it is important to realize that all photos and/or videos ever to be released were produced and staged. All that needed to be done was to find a large palace in Pakistan and then say that was his hideout. Supposed live video of the agents busting in and killing him could have been, and was, filmed exactly like a Hollywood movie.

bin laden did not kill thousands of people in the US on 9/11/01, he and al-quaida didn't kill anyone in the attacks that day, neither did Black September, or any arabs (did you ever see the supposed "passenger lists" of the 4 supposed aircraft? If you read every name on them you will not find any arabs, aside from the fact that NONE OF THOSE 4 PLANES CRASHED ON 9/11/01, as a soon-to-be-posted post will demonstrate).

Except for the deaths of thousands of innocent victims, the saddest part of the whole story is that those who are really the guilty parties for the terror crimes on 9/11/01, bush and cheney, are alive and free, and with obama's recent nonsense now showing him as a supporter of the official story more than ever, how much less likely does it now seem that they will ever face court proceedings for the mass murders and treason they committed.

Aside of course from that the fact that the "official story" contains so many internal contradictions as well as claims that are 100% physically impossible to be true in physical reality due to the laws of physics, that make it quite easy to prove that the "official story" is not the true story at all of the events of 9/11/01, last week we got further proof.

There is a famous saying that talks about criminals returning to the scene of their crimes. Although further proof was not in any way needed to prove THE COMPLETE FALSITY OF THE "OFFICIAL STORY" OF 9/11/01, when last week bush declined to celebrate bin laden's killing together with obama at the WTC site, he further proved his guilt: he refused to return to the scene of his crime.

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