The author of this site, Mr.E, a FORMER american, is simply a regular guy who is deeply thankful I and my family were saved from the terror CRIMES of mass murder and treason committed by bush and cheney on that morning of 9/11/01.

At 830 AM EST that morning I left my place of work at 130 Liberty Street directly across from 2 & 4 WTC, after having worked about 8 hours, and I was blessed to be on the last or one of the very last northbound yellow subway trains out of Cortland Street/WTC at sometime between 833 and 845 AM.

For over 9 years, aside from being deeply thankful for being saved and spared, it was extremely difficult for me to look at any photos or videos from that day. Until someone last year in the spring and summer of 2010 mentioned the possibilities of missiles instead of planes, and that some people say there were no planes at all (at least, none of the 4 Boeing passenger jet planes crashed at the place stated in the "official story").

It took still some months after that, and then I began a large investigation, learning in the process everything written on this site, how the official story is complete BS, filled with so many internal contradictions and also physically impossible claims, that there is absolutely no way it can be true.

While at this time, in hindsight, the events of 9/11/01 played a major role in contributing to the blessings of my life today, for many of the intervening years it was quite difficult. I don't reasonably expect that the treacherous, evil bush and cheney will ever be brought to court to answer for their mass murder and treason on 9/11/01 (or any other of their massive list of other murders and crimes), and with each day that those poor excuses for living humans get older, they are closer and closer to a "too old/elderly/insanity" defense to deter prosecution.

Even so, every person needs to know the truth. That's why I made this web site. Don't believe the lies. The truth is right here on this site. It ain't pretty folks, but all need to know it.