Operation Northwoods and 4 Major Motives for 9/11/2001

There is widespread agreement that a 1962 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document that describes a proposed "Operation Northwoods" is the model and blueprint upon which the terror CRIMES of September 11, 2001 were perpetrated by the government of the US against its own innocent citizens.

When "Operation Northwoods" was proposed in 1962, one of the main enemies of the US was Cuba, the nearest in geographic terms (being only a mere 90 miles from Florida), and of course extremely close allies with the communist regime of Russia. In order to have a valid reason (or at least what might be accepted by many/a majority of people as a valid reason) to begin war or at least a military strike upon Cuba, the essence of Operation Northwoods was the proposal to "stage" a fake horrifying event that never truly took place: a US passenger plane supposedly shot down out of the sky by Cuba over the straits of Florida, the body of water separating Florida from Cuba.

In order for there not to be any killings of innocent US civilians in Operation Northwoods, a second aircraft with no passengers would be used in place of the first airplane. The proposal to carry out "Operation Northwoods" remained exactly that, only a proposal, at least until after w. bush entered the white house and along with his also evil cousin cheney put in place a chain of events on September 11, 2001 very closely resembling Operation Northwoods, but with a major difference being that in 2001 no precautions or provisions were made to avoid the killings of thousands of innocent civilians as part of the plot, and in fact, that they specifically wanted thousands of people to be sacrificed to defraud the public about the horror supposedly committed by "terrorists", yet which in truth was committed by their own utterly evil government: w. bush, cheney and clan.

It must be asked, Why would the government of a supposedly democratic nation purposely murder more than 2,749 of its own innocent civilians, and then make enormous efforts to defraud everyone on earth by blaming foreign terrorist enemies?

The evil leaders of the US had more than one motive for perpetrating the terror CRIMES of 9/11/2001, as many others have noted during the passage of time since then. What is likely one of the two biggest motives was an obsession with going to war with Iraq, and for that to be viewed as an acceptable course of action by a sufficient percentage of the public, it was thought that some "cause" was needed that would demonstrate that in fact Iraq represents a deep threat and that they are a true enemy. That "cause" was the terror crimes committed by the leadership roughly following most of the points of "Operation Northwoods", crimes which were not committed by foreign terrorist enemies although blamed upon them.

At least nine of the 19 supposed "hijackers" (NONE of whose names appeared on the supposed passenger lists of the supposedly hijacked planes) have been found and proven to still be living since September 2001, which is one of the very many large proofs of the complete falsity of the official story of lies that the government wishes people to believe about what took place that day.

Severely abridging personal liberty and freedom is the second of the two likely largest motives, which was carried out by instituting the Patriot Act and creating the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), actions that began virtually right after September 11, 2001. Anyone who has had the pleasure of domestic travel within the US after 9/11/2001, who detests the regulation of having to take off your shoes completely to pass through a joke of security which does not result in travel being at all safer than prior to 9/11/01, should offer their thanks for that nonsense to evil cheney and w. bush. Permitting spying on citizens thought to be even remotely suspicious and markedly decreasing travel freedom had been amongst their major objectives since even before being installed in the top two leadership positions.

A third large motive of the evil cousins bush and cheney (that is not an exaggeration, as it is fact that they are cousins, and in fact the two of them are also obama's cousins) for perpetrating the treasonous terror crimes was the desire to eliminate evidence of misappropriated and possibly simply missing government money, while at the same time killing employees of those very same offices that uncovered and reported those financial irregularities. The bomb explosion on 9/11/2001 in the Pentagon (no plane crashed there at all, and for sure not a 757 called AA77 which never flew that day at all), occurred in the accounting offices that exactly one day earlier, on Monday September 10, 2001, publicly declared that $2.3 billion dollars of government money was unaccounted for or simply missing. Many sensitive and high-level government offices were also housed in the 47-story structure known as WTC 7, to which this same motive is also directly relevant.

The fourth motive relates to the physical structure of the WTC itself. It was built containing a large amount of asbestos insulation, only a few short years before the discovery that asbestos is a severe health hazard that causes cancer. Once asbestos was outlawed in construction and additional laws were passed regulating renovations of buildings containing asbestos, the costs to deal with its removal in a legal way increased tremendously. This would have made the remodeling and insurance costs for the 220 stories of the WTC towers (or 267 stories, including WTC 7) astronomical.

So instead of those enormous costs, a controlled demolition of the property was set up by the evil leaders. The most primary and telltale characteristic of a "controlled demolition" is that the building falls directly straight downwards (rather than toppling over to the side), and the WTC towers fell straight down upon themselves in exactly that fashion. As the WTC had for years been seen as a representation of the dominance of the US in world economics, its destruction by supposed terrorists would accomplish the motive of the evil leaders of having one of the largest symbols of the country being "attacked," except that instead of foreign raghead terrorists, it was the country's own evil leadership themselves who were the guilty parties that ordered the attack, which was in reality a controlled demolition by previously planted explosives, involving no airplanes at all whatsoever.