Israel & 9/11: All Lies

There are many different lies that the guilty parties who planned and executed the terror crimes of 9/11/01 want the public to believe, collectively known as the "official story" or narrative. Many of the lies in the official story have been proven beyond any doubt to be lies and falsities, as explained at

Even amongst people and groups searching for the truth, what is one of the best weapons that the evildoers that planned and executed the terror CRIMES can use? "Divide and conquer", and therefore getting the truth movement divided over any sub- or side issue is something the perps would be very happy about.

One of the ways divide and conquer is carried out is through group-based hatred. Usually the targets are frequent and familiar ones: Black African Americans, Hispanics, immigrants, and Jews.

The perps know full well the power of anti-semitism, they know full well that many people including themselves fully embrace the views of anti-semitism, meaning those people actively hate Jewish people solely because of their religion.

So it is in the perps selfish self-interest to have as many people as possible believe that Israel is guilty, when the facts are that Israel had nothing at all whatsoever to do with 9/11, and neither did the 19 supposed arabs either.

FACT: Many Jews were murdered in the Towers that morning. That fact is 100% indisputable. More than 400 Jews were among the more than 2,000 murdered that morning by their own government. May those of all religions murdered at the WTC that day by their own government, rest in peace.

FACT: Not only were the videos of planes hitting buildings staged and produced as CGIs, the video of "5 mossad agents celebrating" that morning is a staged video also, produced for the express purpose of deflecting blame and responsibility from the true perps through an appeal to the very commonly felt group-based hatred of anti-semitism. That video is a sham that proves nothing.

FACT: Correlation is not causation. Netanyahu was in NYC on 9/11/01 and in London on the day of the 7/7 attacks, but that doesn't mean he ordered or controlled those terror crimes or participated, or that Israel or the mossad did, because for sure they did not. It is true that there is no such thing as coincidence, yet NYC is the largest city in the land and many meetings, conferences and conventions and trade shows take place there every day.

Not only Netanyahu, but the leaders of almost all other countries also were in NYC in early September 2001 as they are in early September of every year, for annually held UN meetings. His being present, as more than 8 million other innocent people were that day, does not prove he or Israel had a role in the terror crimes.

The US government, considered worldwide to be the most powerful and first in the world in the period leading up to the terror crimes of 9/11/01 did not in any way need the help of tiny little Israel to carry out a Northwoods-type false flag operation.

If you believe the lies of Israel having a role in the terror crimes of 9/11/01 you are behaving exactly as the actual guilty parties bush cheney et al. hope you would.

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