Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please, Don't Believe The Lies (bin laden), Don't Believe The Hype (bin laden)

Last week and still now, so many people celebrated the death of bin laden, who died of AIDS in 2002 [or some say, sometime between 2002 and 2007].

Please!, no one has seen, or will ever see, the body of bin laden or pictures of it. Something that's impossible to prove will never be proven.

In considering the utterly ridiculous statements and claims about the raid that supposedly resulted in his killing, it is important to realize that all photos and/or videos ever to be released were produced and staged. All that needed to be done was to find a large palace in Pakistan and then say that was his hideout. Supposed live video of the agents busting in and killing him could have been, and was, filmed exactly like a Hollywood movie.

bin laden did not kill thousands of people in the US on 9/11/01, he and al-quaida didn't kill anyone in the attacks that day, neither did Black September, or any arabs (did you ever see the supposed "passenger lists" of the 4 supposed aircraft? If you read every name on them you will not find any arabs, aside from the fact that NONE OF THOSE 4 PLANES CRASHED ON 9/11/01, as a soon-to-be-posted post will demonstrate).

Except for the deaths of thousands of innocent victims, the saddest part of the whole story is that those who are really the guilty parties for the terror crimes on 9/11/01, bush and cheney, are alive and free, and with obama's recent nonsense now showing him as a supporter of the official story more than ever, how much less likely does it now seem that they will ever face court proceedings for the mass murders and treason they committed.

Aside of course from that the fact that the "official story" contains so many internal contradictions as well as claims that are 100% physically impossible to be true in physical reality due to the laws of physics, that make it quite easy to prove that the "official story" is not the true story at all of the events of 9/11/01, last week we got further proof.

There is a famous saying that talks about criminals returning to the scene of their crimes. Although further proof was not in any way needed to prove THE COMPLETE FALSITY OF THE "OFFICIAL STORY" OF 9/11/01, when last week bush declined to celebrate bin laden's killing together with obama at the WTC site, he further proved his guilt: he refused to return to the scene of his crime.

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  1. Well we were all misled just so they could justify having another goddam vietnam. These guys are getting worse. All they care about is their own interests and screw the proletariat. Shame on them. Shame on our ignorance as well.